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Refurb me service

iPhone 4,4S
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iPhone 5,5C,5S
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iPhone 6
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iPhone 6 plus
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iPhone 6S
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Delay (We aim to complete all orders below 300 pieces in 2 working days.)
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Who can use LCDRefurb Refurb Me service?

This service is proposed to all repair shops and screen dealers in UK. We do not offer this service to individuals. There is a minimum of 10 screens (any iPhone screen) to start a Refurb Me order.

What screens can you refurbish?

We solely focus on Apple iPhone screens : iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus.

Can you refurbish a broken LCD iPhone screen?

No, the basis of iPhone refurbishment rely on the good working order of the LCD, we can only refurbish screens with working LCD.

Can you refurbish a working LCD iPhone screen with a backlight issue?

Yes, we can replace the backlight on any iPhone screen and fix that issue at no extra cost.

Can you refurbish a screen displaying lines?

No, a screen displaying lines means a digitizer flex issue and we do not replace flex cables.

Can you refurbish a screen with dust and/or dead pixels?

Yes, we can refurbish a screen with dust, the dust will disappear in the process. However we can not fix the dead pixels, the screen will be refurbished but will still display dead pixels. We advise our customer to only refurbish the screens with a minimum of dead pixels.

Can you refurbish a screen with a pink halo LCD?

Yes, we can refurbish a screen with a pink halo LCD but the pink halo won’t disappear.

Can you swap my broken screen for a refurbished one?

No, we only refurbish the screens you give us to refurbish. However refurbishing is not risk free and we will generally break 10 to 15% of the production. We do replace these screens by ours. So if you mark all your screens, you can see that few have been replaced with ours.

Do refurbish screens are guaranteed?

All D.O.A (Dead On arrival) screens are exchanged if reported in the 7 working days following delivery.

However, we have a 6 month gentlemen agreement for all our Refurb me customers. The screens guarantee has always been a major problem in our industry and is the cause of most disputes between customers and suppliers. It’s even more complicated when it comes to refurbished screens.

Yes, your broken screens are tested on arrival but how can we guarantee it will work in 3 month? This product could be up to 2 or 3 years old and we can not guarantee it will work for an other year.

We can guarantee our refurbished parts : the glass, the frame, the backlight but what if the screens display lines, become blank or unresponsive after few months of usage?

So to avoid all conflicts and keep all our customers happy we have established a gentlemen agreement. Every time a customer has a return which can not be fixed on the spot : screen with lines, touch unresponsive, blank screen, we will refurbish a new screen supplied by the customer free of charge.

If a screen as a simple problem like backlight or frame, the screen will be fixed immediately. If a screen show traces of bleeding or broken glass it won’t qualify for our return policy.

This gentlemen agreement covers a period of 6 month from the date you received the screen.

Example : You are supplying us every week with 100 screens after 2 month you found yourself with 17 faulty screens. When you returns the 17 faulty screens we will refurbish 17 new screens of your next order (same series 5 for 5, 6 for 6 ect…) for free.

Do screens sent for refurbishing need to be tested first?

It helps a lot if screens are already tested by the customer. However our team retest all screens supplied, and we will only refurbish the working LCD screens, all non working screens will be sent back with the new refurbished ones.

How can I know your test report is 100% accurate?

When you send your screens for the first time you may wonder if the company don’t underestimate your working LCDs or if the test result is 100% accurate. Unfortunately trust is something we must earn with every new customer. If it’s your first order we advise you to mark all your screens either with a warranty sticker on the glass or by a mark on the flex cable. This way you can be sure 100% the screens we gave you back as not working are really yours.

How long does it take to Refurbish my screens?

At current time (January 2016) we can refurbish 1000 screens a week and we accept few new customers. For every order below 100 screens expect a 48 hours turn around, for orders between 100 and 500 screens it can take up to 5 working days. We do refurbish for regular big customers and it’s possible our factory is busy for 2-3 days with a big order before we can start yours, so it’s always good to call your account manager and verify your delay.